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Mexico is a country between the U.S. and Central America that’s known for its Pacific and Gulf of Mexico beaches and its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts and jungles. Ancient ruins such as Teotihuacan (Aztec) and Chichen Itza (Mayan) are scattered throughout the country, as are Spanish colonial-era towns. In capital Mexico City, upscale shops, renowned museums and gourmet restaurants cater to modern life.

Make Mexico the excuse for your next vacation and get your senses ready for an experience full of magic, color and warmth. Come and fall in love with Mexico.

Mexico City

Mexico City is the densely populated, high-altitude capital of Mexico. It is the 6th largest in the world, and the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere.

The city contains many famous museums, none more so than the National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropología). Established in 1964, the museum is the most visited in the country, and displays artefacts relating to an impressive array of Mexico City facts. The museum is home to many relics from the city’s ancient past.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a coastal resort town in Mexico, along the Yucatán Peninsula’s Riviera Maya strip of Caribbean shoreline. In the state of Quintana Roo, it’s known for its palm-lined beaches, coral reefs and scuba diving. Its Quinta Avenida pedestrian thoroughfare runs parallel to the beach, offering blocks of shops, restaurants and nightspots ranging from laid-back bars to dance clubs.

Playa del Carmen has everything you could possibly need on a vacation. There are lots and lots of stores. There are laundromats, hardware stores, hair salons, grocery stores, tattoo parlors, health stores, gyms, Tae Kwon Do studios, etc.

Xcaret Park

Xcaret Park is a privately owned and operated theme park, resort and self-described ecotourism development located in the Riviera Maya, a portion of the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s state of Quintana.

Located on the seashore near Cancun in the Riviera Maya, Xcaret has attractions for everyone. Enjoy a traditional Fiesta Charra and the Mayan Ball Game, or if you are a nature lover visit the Jaguar Island and our colorful Butterfly Pavillion.

You can also enjoy the Caribbean Sea! Take a snorkeling tour, swim in underground rivers and have fun with the Dolphin Swim.


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